Big Impact

Proven Results

We believe every child is born with incredible potential, and we are committed to continuously evaluating and improving our programs to ensure our Bigs are equipped to defend that potential.

Measuring Our Impact


Central Ohio
Children Served

31.4 months

Average length of
Community-Based Matches

91 %

Improved or maintained
Academic Performance

To view the full 2020 BBBSCO Annual Impact Report, click here.

The Big Brothers Big Sisters Match

One-to-one matches between Bigs and Littles truly empower youth and strengthen communities. Professional staff from Big Brothers Big Sisters carefully build and support each match, and ensure it meets the strictest standards. We strive for matches that are not only safe and well suited to each child’s needs, but also harmonious and built to last. The entire matching process, from the initial screening to the final pairing—and beyond—is made possible by the financial support of over 3300 generous investors.

But don’t just think of us as simply matchmakers. We provide ongoing support and supervision to the Big, the Little, and the Little’s family. We offer training and advice to help ensure that the match is working for everyone involved.  This web of support helps maximize the likelihood that a Big Brothers Big Sisters relationship will thrive.

Big Brothers Big Sisters is the country’s largest evidence-based mentoring organization. We are committed to continuously evaluating and improving the quality of the services we provide to youth. We evaluate our programming at the match level, agency level, and national level. Our annual impact report provides an overview of our outcomes evaluation system, tools, and the most recent national data and trends.

Continuous Learning

Big Brothers Big Sisters believes that we must hold ourselves accountable to the families, children, and mentors enrolled in our program. We must hold ourselves accountable to the donors, partners, and advocates who fund our work. That is why a commitment to continuous learning, improvement, and research is at the heart of what we do. 

Continuous Learning
Through Technology

Our commitment to measurement, analysis, and improvement is so core to who we are that we have developed a unique, propriety method of tracking the interactions between Bigs and Littles. Known as MatchForce, this performance management tool helps guide our decisions by providing the intelligence and data to continually improve our services to children. 

Continuous Learning
Through Partnerships

Through the generous support of corporations, foundations, and donations Big Brothers Big Sisters regularly participates in nationwide and local research opportunities.